Sport talentenpaspoort

Your individual Talentenpaspoort

Inside the sports world we often focus on the physical talents of the athlete first. This is the visual component within the triptych ‘heart – head/mind – body’. Under the rubric of the physical talents we comprehend parameters such as height, agility, strength, endurance (VO2 max), etc…
The Sport Talent Passport is a scientifically based online tool for discovering your other 2 ‘invisible’ essential components, namely heart and head/mind OR our emotional and rational talents. An alignment of emotional, rational and physical talents results in truly excelling within your sport.

To generate your own unique Sport Talent passport, you must complete an online questionnaire. This allows you to discover your passions and the approach to work that is easiest for you. Based on your answers, we compare you with all the other professionals in the database. In your Sport Talent Passport, you will find two “photos” of yourself. The first photo shows your passions, and second photo shows your aptitude.

The Sport Talent Passport can help the individual athlete in different areas. When we don’t feel good, sustainable performance stays out. Thus, we try to avoid “lost” years in the already limited time frames in which athletes perform best on a physical level. This exponentially increases the likelihood that the potential present can be fully expressed. This creates a significant time savings for all parties and in these performance-oriented times, time is money….


Not only do individuals have natural potential; teams do too. To make your team’s unique Sport Talent Passport, each team member completes the online questionnaire. In the Team Sport Talent Passport, you will find two “photos” of your team which, together with the anonymous individual results, can be used to deduce the team talents.

The added value this can bring is enormous. Team analysis offers the club the possibility to look for the right profile. A coach who fits the values of the club, who fits the vision of how educated youth can be guided, moved and integrated into the elite team.
Within team sports, it can help to look for the athlete with the right mental skills or emotional talents that best fit into an already existing group. Team analyses show us the distribution of talents within our group and reveal gaps in the composition.


Exactly what these two photos say about your WORKing talent is best discussed with a certified Sport Talent Passport Coach. A certified Sport Talent Passport Coach is trained to accurately interpret your photos, together with you. There are so many different WORKing talents that they cannot simply be enumerated in a list. Unfortunately, most talent methods try to fit your unique talents into a condensed list.


De richtprijs voor een individueel Sport talentenpaspoort is ongeveer 75 euro excl. BTW, maar de prijs kan variëren van land tot land omdat we het Sport talentenpaspoort toegankelijk willen houden voor iedereen. Voor teams wordt een groepskorting voorzien.