For who ?

Be an august360 athlete”

You are an august360 athlete when you consciously choose to explore what naturally drives you to pursue your sport and what your mental abilities look like.This results in a kind of blueprint of what we need to keep feeling good. As a top athlete you often have a limited period to achieve success, so no time to waste!

Can be used from 15 years.

Be an august360 coach”

You are an august360 coach when you are convinced that self-knowledge as a coach is a co-determinant in the results you achieve when interacting with your athlete. We often coach in line with who we are and what we think is normal (our blueprint). This does not always easily match the blueprint of the athlete himself and this can create areas of tension.

Good cooperation depends on many factors. Respect for each other is one of the foundations on which it can be built. Respect in both directions, respect for each other’s individuality, respect for each other’s nature.

When the august360 coach and august360 athlete meet, something beautiful can emerge!

When an athlete is looking for a new coach or when an athlete moves to a higher age group within a club and has to work together with a new coach, it can be an absolute asset to get a “quick” look at each other’s blueprint.

Be an august360 parent”

As an august360 parent, you try to be the best possible parent for your talented son or daughter. You are aware that your child is a unique person with its own emotional and rational talents.You try to create the ideal environment in which your child can develop.

Here too, you face many challenges. Your own blueprint determines where you as a parent place the emphasis in raising your child. We often raise our children how we want them to be like or something that comes close to it. We try to pass on what we consider as important and sometimes we are too fanatical in this manner of education.

Can be used by parents with children aged 8 years and older.

Sportsclub (federation)”

As an august360 sportsclub you choose an approach that centralizes the 360° development of the athlete.You try to motivate the coaches to invest in their personal development and you are convinced that well-educated coaches are a crucial factor in the well-being of the athlete. As a sportsclub you create the right atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and respected.

You’re aware, as a sportsclub/federation that, next to the physical talents, there are other essential components (emotional and rational talents) that need extra attention, that those constructs are the hidden forces to exceed in sports.

august360 sportsclubs love to work with the right persons on the right places, those who fit the DNA of the club of matches the team.